A Very Rude Demo

by No Incentive

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One Man Reggae Rude Rockin' Noise
Re-Published. Cop the New Rude NO INCENTIVE SOUND!


released August 10, 2013



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No Incentive Aberdeen Township, New Jersey

No Incentive's sound has evolved from a 2 piece hardcore/punk/screamo band to a One Man Rude Rockin' Sound that you gotta check out!

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Track Name: Laying In Bed
You know those days when you're laying in bed
Your eyes are open, but you feel half dead
Laying in bed! 'Cause there's nothing to do
Where are all my friends and people to talk to?
It's a bittersweet and so seductive
'Cause I could be doing something much more productive
Anxious feelings, but I'm so lazy
Will I get out of bed? Yes no maybe?

So what? It's a hot summer day
I don't have work only time to play
We can go get drunk down at the beach
I'd love to taste your kiss, 'cause your lips look so sweet
But plans have a way of not sticking to the end
So I guess I'll just spend the day laying in bed
Maybe I'll write a song, pick up my guitar
Or go on a long pointless drive in my car

I always say I shouldn't sleep this late
'Cause then I can make the most of this day
I'm sorry God because sloth is a sin
But I guess it's something I never believed in
Your math equation makes no sense to me
It's like adding 666, but getting three
Life's too short to stress over the bad
So just appreciate everything and all that you have

'Cause life's too short to be Living in Fear
Of the man in white robes when your time's coming near
It's too short to fuck up so don't you forget
To be careful not to live with all this regret

Track Name: My Apologies
We've all got memories we'd like to forget
And I've done more things that I'll always regret
Surely I'll keep finding ways to fuck up more times
But the point that I'm making is everything will be fine

So I beg for forgiveness for all the sins I have committed
And all of my atrocities that the stars have witnessed
And all of the people that I may have wronged
So I guess I'm saying sorry in this song
But I don't just do it to make up
For all the bad things that I've done

Some people choose to live an unselfish life
While others don't agree, it's neither wrong nor right
'Cause there's a difference between Self reliance and greed
An Abundance of things that you just don't need
Track Name: New Rude Sound
Rude girl where you goin' why don't you stick around?
And peep the new rude no incentive sound
We're gonna rock on, to the break of dawn
Fall asleep and wake up with a forty in your arm
I'll cop some kegs when the hurricane attacks
But puff on this L so your senses can relax
Pass me the mic 'cause yo I'll take the crown
And then flip around like a cross upside down
'Cause I never had a thing for authority figures
With a badge and gun and your fingers on the trigger
When they are the ones that are supposed to protect
Then why is it for them the laws so easy to forget?
You're so brainwashed; your fucking mind is dead
Blue white and the streets that are soaked blood read
I don't trust your empty words am I being detained?
Just grip on your gat and fucking blow out your brains

So get up, get down
To the new rude sound
I said get up, get down
To the new rude sound

Girl I wanted to kiss you when I looked in your eyes
But I'll never understand why gorgeous girls go for dick guys
So I'll just crack open a forty and kick back maxin
Sippin' on the Yuengling, play another rude track
'Cause many play the game, but only few rock the mic
Pass it to me and we'll get down tonight
Or, pack your bowl if you wanna get lit
Spark the bud, take a drag and get ripped
Pass me the rum so I can take a sip
I'll roll a super blunt kid, and let you take a hit
But I'm like a viper coiled around the mic
You wanna try to touch it kid and get poisoned by my bit
Master of deception
Readily assembling
Dissecting your section
With lyrical weapons